Doka floor props Eurex top are extendable floor props made of steel and are compliant with EN 1065. They are designed for use as vertical props for temporary structures.
Peri PEP Ergo E-300 flooring prop.
Doka Frami Eco wall formwork for sale
NEW H20 formwork beams. Made by Doka in Austria. Lengths: 1,80m - 2,45m - 2,90m - 3,60m - 3,90m - 4,90m.
Hexagon nut 15,0 weldable.Max. 90KN.
DW 15 Plate diameter 10cm.Max. 90KN.
NEW H20 formwork beams.Made by Doka in Austria.Lengths: 1,80m - 2,45m - 2,90m - 3,60m - 3,90m - 4,90m.
Painted shoring props - Made in EU.A cost-effective solution for Your projects.Heights:1,60-2,90m.2,00-3,60m
Second-hand Doka H20 beams.Contact us --> here <-- for the updated inventory.